Andy's a mensch. He's living on a billboard for a week, of course, to raise money for Ocean of Love. He does it every year, and really, truly cares about the children with cancer and their families that are helped out by this wonderful charity.

So, Andy, here's to you. ;-)


Through rain and cold and dark of night,

Andy's on high to help out the fight


To comfort the families of kids that have cancer

For Ocean of Love to respond with an answer


To every request, the big and the small

Love is the reason he answered the call


To live on a billboard for a full week

He's true, he's faithful, his vigil he'll keep


So bring your checks

And bring your cash


And if you could

please share your stash


NOT that I'm suggesting that Andy needs a drink

Or that without some booze

He's teetering on the brink


That's just a rumor

Pay it no mind


But if you've got a six pack

Would you be so kind?


To hook Andy up

When his week is all done


By Friday he'll be ready

To have a little fun!


Just one more thing

To do if you please


Make sure you confiscate

Andy's car keys!