Last Friday, Bryan McMahon of Toms River was our featured listener for The People's Playlist, and his song list was awesome!

But the real reason he's being spotlighted here at our website is for his really clever and humorous (not to mention flattering) poem dedicated to his favorite radio station!

Thank you, Bryan, for the great song list and for your words of praise!!

Here's Bryan's excellent poem:


"Reliving my youth, day by day

Listening to the Hawk and what you DJ's play

Can't thank you enough for the joy you bring

Not really sure you'd like to hear me sing

But I sing all day and am real happy

Even if life is pretty crappy

We all thank God for your whole staff and crew

so here's a big thank you, which is long overdue

Listening to the Hawk 105-7

Is like being in A.C. and rolling an eleven

So here's to the Hawk 105-7

For giving us listeners our own piece of heaven