A memorial and museum at the World Trade Center site devoted to remembering 9/11 is on track to open this spring, but you can help ensure it gets the funding it still needs.

Work continues on the September 11 Memorial and Museum at the ground zero site, but the project was delayed due to Sandy as well as a disagreement between the museum and the owner of the site.

According to nytimes.com:

The campaign carries the theme “Take a day to remember the day that changed us forever.” There will be video clips; print, digital and outdoor advertisements; and an extensive presence in social media.

Text the word HOPE to 80088 to give $10.

You can also join the inaugural membership program of the 9/11 Memorial Museum and receive special benefits for visits to the museum. Details are at 911memorial.org.

I went to high school in Old Bridge with one of the 9/11 heroes.

My friend's name was Chuck Costello and he had heard about the planes hitting the towers and rushed to the scene to help.

He died a hero, giving his life to help save others.

This is what Chuck's brother Ray told me:

"On September 11 2001 Chuck went to mass in Manhattan on his way to do an elevator inspection at the Mercer Street hotel. While waiting for his partner, Danny Kayrod, Chuck learned that a plane had crashed into Tower One at the World Trade Center.

Chuck started running down to the World Trade Center. Danny saw Chuck and drove him down to Tower One....I have been told that Chuck was opening doors for the firemen.

They interviewed a woman at Beekman Hospital and she said, "the elevator man saved my life."

As the story goes everyone was running out as Chuck was running in.

...he was found on Jan. 5, 2002 with officer Robert Fazio and a firefighter. If you remember that ramp that they carried each of the bodies up to the street on, they were found buried under that ramp when they decided to remove it.

To anyone that knew Chuck, his actions did not surprise them--it was Chuck's way to help others."

Facebook courtesy of Ray Costello

It saddened me, but it didn't surprise me that he was a hero, because Chuck was one of the most selfless and caring people I had ever known.

God bless all those who died that day, and let us always remember the heroes who gave their lives for others.

By the way, a "tribute in light" will return tonight at sunset and will illuminate the sky until dawn. If you are not in the area, EarthCam will offer a live look here: http://911memorial.io/1d2iEjD.