As winter bears down upon us we can all expect a barrage of Christmas music from the likes of Bieber, Groban, and Buble in the coming months. If you have the sudden urge to slap your local Starbucks barista in the face after the tenth repeat of Mariah Carey’s 'All I Want For Christmas Is You,' you’re in luck.

Here are nine Christmas albums by people you probably had no idea had a Christmas album. We've got reality stars, druggies, sisters of druggies and some actual musicians, but judging their album by their covers, it probably would have been best to stick to their own music genres. Joy to the world — anyone can release a Christmas album.

  • William Hung – 'Hung For The Holidays'

    American Idol’s most popular reject must be given respect for titling his Christmas album 'Hung for the Holidays' without an ounce of irony. He named it that on purpose right? Just like his whole audition and fame, he knows exactly what…eh, it's making our heads hurt.
  • Star Wars – 'Christmas In The Stars'

    Nothing says Christmas like sci-fi fantasy films. Nerds the world over rejoiced upon learning there was a Christmas soundtrack for when you're 30 and still living in your parent's basement. Hang the garland on the boxes of leftover garland but save some for your neck.
  • Kenny G – 'Miracles'

    Nothing says Christmas like the master of the saxophone sensually serenading a naked baby. It's probably the closest recreation to the actual birth of Jesus ever.
  • Bootsy Collins – 'Christmas is 4 Ever'

    For when eggnog is just not getting the trick done, Bootsy's version of Christmas is a guaranteed panty dropper.
  • Ali Lohan – 'Lohan Holiday'

    A Lohan Holiday includes, but is not limited to: overdoses, domestic abuse, same sex relationships, an appearance by Dr. Drew, vomiting, general nausea and at least three visits from TMZ.
  • Bob Dylan – 'Christmas In The Heart'

    Dylan sings Christmas standards as if they are a threat.  The correct album to throw on when trying to hustle your in-laws out the door.
  • Garth Brooks – 'Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas'

    Garth Brooks or evil Christmas wizard? Don't shake the globe or the world will die! Garth doesn't exactly have the look of 'Christmas cheer' in this album cover. Maybe 'Chris Gaines' is the side of his personality that really gets into Christmas.
  • Death Row – 'Christmas On Death Row'

    The rare mix of Christmas standards like “Frosty the Snowman” with newer classics like “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto,” Christmas on Death Row has it all.
  • Afroman – 'A Colt 45 Christmas'

    Looks like someone at the record label got high enough to give Afroman a follow-up album to his best selling “Because I Got High.” This Xmas miracle contains modern day Christmas classics like “Deck My Balls” “Let Her Bl**” and “Violent Night.” Perfect for opening gifts on a bright and magical Christmas morning…but then you got high.