It was a dark and stormy night.

Actually, it might have been a sunny day, I have no idea.

But it was a dark and depressing day in rock because it was 33 years ago today, when on December 4, 1980, Led Zeppelin announced they were finished as a band.

It was two months after they lost John Bonham, and they realized they couldn't really go on without him.

A moment of silence please. :-D

Of course, there have been moments of the band coming together again, most notably, as reports, in 2007 at an Ahmet Ertegun tribute show held at London’s 02 Arena.

The performance was a great success, but as in the past, the band resisted the temptation for a highly lucrative reunion tour.

That show was captured on the ‘Celebration Day‘ live album and DVD filmed at the event.