Some still love him, some have turned against him - Bruce has been a polarizing figure, and he inspired a lot of our biggest stories of the past year.

5 - ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Gets Rave Reviews From Fans After First Preview

Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

Bruce's foray onto the Broadway stage landed him the top spot on People Magazine's "Most Intriguing" list.

4 - Why Don’t You Like Bruce Springsteen Anymore?

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

I'm sure this post will cycle back and be full of negative comments, reflecting what we saw earlier in the year after Bruce made many comments about Obama, Trump, Kaepernick, and the like.

3 - Summer Ends On a Laid Back Note with Bruce Springsteen

The Bruce Brunch's Tom Cunningham was at the Arts Center for the Laid Back Festival when Bruce crashed the performance from Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul.

2 - Bruce Springsteen Outlines New Solo Album

Harry How/Getty Images

The wheels began to churn late this year as Bruce revealed he's beginning to work on a new album.

1 - Springsteen on Broadway: A Night with a Magician & His Magic

With some of the most sought-after tickets on Broadway, only a lucky few were able to snag their seats - and if anyone deserved them, it was Tom Cunningham. He provided an in-depth review, a full set-list, and a bootleg snapshot of Bruce onstage.

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