As we celebrated tolerated the 10th anniversary of Metallica's St. Anger this week, many die-hard Metallica fans are still shaking their heads over this album a decade after the fact. But there are fans who saw the album as a turning point for the metal masters and still defend this album as extremely underrated and only gets a bad rap because St. Anger didn't stay true to Metallica's roots.

  • 10

    "My World"

    from: 'St. Anger' 2003
  • 9

    "Eye of the Beholder"

    from: 'And Justice for All' (1988)
  • 8


    from: 'Ride the Lightning' (1984)
  • 7

    "Disposable Heroes"

    from: 'Master of Puppets' (1986)
  • 6

    "The Frayed Ends of Sanity"

    from: 'And Justice for All' (1988)
  • 5

    "No Remorse"

    from: 'Kill 'Em All (1983)
  • 4

    "My Friend of Misery"

    from: 'Metallica' (1991)
  • 3

    "Damage Inc."

    from: 'Master of Puppets' (1983)
  • 2

    "Fight Fire with Fire"

  • 1


    from: 'Master of Puppets" (1986)