The 80's were not only a great time for rock and heavy metal but it was also a great period for rock videos as well. You remember  that period don't you,  back in the days when MTV actually PLAYED videos? The bands during that time had some of the hottest and sexiest women in their videos. We came up with a list of ten of the more notable hot rock videos of all-time in no significant order because in reality, they are were all hot in their own special way.

Aerosmith - 'Crazy'

You can never go wrong with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in the same video... EVER.

Ratt - 'I Want a Woman'

This video gets the cool factor because the band actually had the cameras go out in the crowd and find some of their hottest fans.

Slaughter - Up All Night

The band's debut single and you can see why the song did so well considering some of the hot women in this video.

Britny Fox - 'Girlschool'


A bunch of hot girls in prep school outfits, every boy's dream.

Whitesnake - 'Still of the Night'


Great song but in reality, if the video had Tawny Kitaen in it, the good tune was just an added bonus.

Kiss - (You Make Me) Rock Hard


Over their 40 + year career, this probably is not the song Kiss wants to be remembered for but if it has girls on the trapeze, so it certainly a winner.

Warrant - 'Cherry Pie'


The girl's name in the video is Bobbi Brown. Cherry Pie and Bobbi Brown were both things that were right with America in the 80's.

Motley Crue - 'Girls, Girls, Girls'


A bunch of hot strippers and one of the most kick ass bands on the planet...enough said.

Van Halen - 'Hot for Teacher'


If the majority of us had this hottie in this video as our teacher, we would've studied a lot harder.

Whitesnake 'Here I Go Again'


The second song on this list from Whitesnake, but c'mon, who didn't envision Tawny (or any hot girl for that matter) dancing on the hood of their car?

Did we miss any hot hard/rock/metal videos from this list? Comment below.