Although Soundgarden started way back in 1984, the band gained its most notoriety and commercial success during the grunge era in the 1990's. The band from Seattle became a staple of that grunge sound, combining grizzly guitar riffs with the distinct and soulful sounds of lead singer Chris Cornell. Although they did split for a good  amount of time, they re-formed in 2010 and now are out on tour in support of their latest album entitled, King Animal.

Soundgarden will be making a stop in NJ on Friday May 3rd at the Event Center at the Borgata in Atlantic City. To purchase tickets, click HERE or listen all this week (4/22-4/26) to Andy Chase for your shot at a pair of tickets.

In anticipation of their show in the Garden State, we've partnered with the Borgata to bring you the top tunes from Soundgarden.  Although there were some tough choices, check out our list of the Top 10 songs by Soundgarden.

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    'Live to Rise'

    'Avengers Assemble' (2012)

    'Live to Rise' was the first new song for Soundgarden after reuniting. The riff-heavy song was featured on 'The Avengers' movie soundtrack and although was rumored to be included on 'King Animal,' it never appeared on the final track listing.

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    'Pretty Noose'

    'Down on the Upside' (1996)

    This song may be one of the epitomes of what grunge was in the 90's. The tune may be best listened to as the soundtrack to spending a dark rainy day in Seattle.

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    'Fell on Black Days''

    'Superunknown' (1994)

    'Fell On Black Days' is a shining example of Soundgarden's great versatility within a song. This song is more mellow and probably comes  as close to being a ballad if not for the up-tempo and powerful, driving vocals during the chorus.


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    'Rusty Cage'

    'Badmotorfinger' - 1991

    One of the faster-tempo Soundgarden songs, 'Rusty Cage' is one of those songs that represent what the 90's alternative sound was like. It was also has the distinct honor of being covered by the late, great Johnny Cash.

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    'Been Away Too Long'

    'King Animal' (2012)

    The title of this one says it all. 'Been Away Too Long' is the first track and the very first single off of Soundgarden's latest album. The signature heavy riffs and Cornell's vocals remind of just how good these guys are and how much we missed the band's real heavy rock songs.

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    'Black Hole Sun'

    'Superunknown' (1994)

    'Black Hole Sun' would be one of Soundgarden's biggest hits of their career and one of their stranger videos. The song won the Hard Rock Performance Grammy because it was a great mix of being well-built, edgy and quirky, all rolled into one. It's easily one of the 10 Best Soundgarden songs since it combines the band's grungy beginnings to its deeper tracks.

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    'Jesus Christ Pose'

    'Badmotorfinger' (1991)

    More deep grunge from Soundgarden, 'Jesus Christ Pose' combines deep riffs with the sounds of chugging guitars . Cornell's vocals provide the perfect compliment to the metallic riffs.

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    'Superunknown' (1994)

    The song's creation was originally for the movie 'Singles.' The song's inspiration was based on a street performer names Artis Spoonman. The song was originally recorded acoustically for the movie but then re-recorded as an electric version for the album.

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    'Badmotorfinger' (1991)

    This ultra-grunge tune is one that was written in drop-d tuning with the influence of Black Sababath as its backdrop. The riffs are quite similar to those of Sabbath legend Tony Iommi. This was one of the first songs that got air play for the band, as the grunge movement started to get into full swing.

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    'Burden in My Hand'

    'Down on the Upside' (1996)

    One of the darker songs by Soundgarden is also arguably their best. The song tells the story of a man who shot his lover and left her for dead in the desert. Although the band's fans have offered what they think the song's true meaning is, the band has called 'Burden' the 'Hey Joe' of the 1990's.